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What’s your Hair type?

When I first started my Natural Journey, one of the first mysteries I encountered was Hair Typing. I couldn’t fathom the numbers and letters I was hearing in the Natural Hair conversations. The good thing about it is that it was also what got me doing some real research into Natural Hair, and hair we are today! (pun intended) ūüôā

Hair typing was created by Andre Walker, and is a system of categorizing your hair into different groups based on its Curl Pattern and Texture.¬†Most people will be able to define their Hair type from the chart below, and some will discover that they’ve got more than one hair type on their head (maybe even three!)

Please click on the image to see a clearer view 


Curl Pattern

This is what determines the numbers in the Hair Typing Systems’

1 = Straight Hair
2 = Wavy Hair
3 = Curly Hair
4 = Kinky Hair
Black women typically have Type 3 or Type 4 hair
Curl Diameter
3A = Curl diameter of chalk
3B = Curl diameter of a marker
3C = Curl diameter of a pencil
4A = Curl diameter of a needle
4B = Zigzag curl pattern
4C = No curl pattern as such, strands are more like coils
Because it is never so easy to place people in specific categories, the image above shows how the numbers and letters can blend into one another. You will need to take out a strand of your hair to compare it to the image to see which one best matches.
Hair Texture
This refers to the thickness of the hair, and ranges from Fine, to Medium and Coarse.
Fine Hair is very delicate, and breaks easily, even more so when it is is dry.
Medium Hair is averagely thick, stronger than Fine hair, but softer than Coarse Hair.
Coarse Hair is very thick and holds curls the best of the three. Of course, this means that it is the hardest to manage.
You should wash and air dry your hair before checking out your Hair Type as this is when you are most likely to see your hair in its natural state. Please share your Hair Type, and how you rock it.

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12 thoughts on “What’s your Hair type?

  1. debbie says:

    i am obviously 4c. but can one’s hair change from one pattern to another after significant care?
    or care just brings out the natural hair pattern you have? is it also possible to have various patterns on one head?

    1. thediva says:

      Thanks for your questions Debs, Your curl pattern can be made more apparent after a lot of conditioning. It is possible to have more than one Curl Pattern , and even more than one Hair Type.

  2. funmi says:

    how do i take out all the perms in my hair without totally cutting it off as my hair base is now all naturals and the tips are still permed? cos i refused to get a retouch. also, what do i need to do to maintain the naturals and keep away from further pains especially when combing it, cos it hurts to the bones?

    1. thediva says:

      Hello Funmi, thanks for your question. Growing out you natural strands without cutting off the permed strands is called transitioning. My next post will specifically address that. I transitioned too, for a year, and what I did was to trim every 3 months which really helped. Please read the posts on deep conditioning and hot oil treatment to see tips on maintaining your moisture levels. Because honestly, all your hair needs is love and moisture. Please stay in touch, I’d love to watch your natural hair journey!

  3. Anita says:

    Obviously my hair is a 4b/4c. I just started this journey and I’m still a little confused as to how to care for natural hair. I need a detailed regimen I can follow. Thank you.

    1. thediva says:

      Hello Anita, thanks for stopping by. The secret to healthy hair is maintaining Hugh levels of moisture. Please see the posts under haircare. I will soon do some posts addressing haircare regimes for particular hair types, but these will only serve as a guide. Just like our personalities, our hair is unique to each person and we all have to learn what works perfectly through research and trial. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment sections. You’ll always be answered within an hour.

    2. Enyaosa Esther says:

      My own hair is so confusing to me
      I started relaxing like 4 years ago
      It took my hair almost a year to relax
      The tip of my hair will always curl back after relaxing.
      My hair dosent like relaxer either it just burns and for four years I’ve been going through the pain of retouching my hair. It burns and its never relaxed.
      The tip became straight but after a whe it started breaking alot about a year ago.
      This year i decided not to retouch my hair again. I wanted transit back to virgin hair but it keeps scratching me especially at night even after washing the scartching persist
      I got fed up and barb the whole hair.
      Just last month.
      Now i want to keep a natural hair but am still scared and i really still dont underatand my hair type.
      I hope with this you can help me out
      So sorry for the long story

  4. Katelyn says:

    So I started bleaching my hair around 8 months ago and its starting to curl now? I used to have super straight hair, with the occasional wave but now that its changing texture I’m not sure how to manage it. Any suggestions?

  5. Ifeoma says:

    I am a Nigerian but my natural hair isn’t curly or is straight and looking lacks elasticity… what is my hair type pls or am I lacking something??? See

    1. adunni says:

      It is possible that you are a type 3. Is your hair relaxed?

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